We know the efforts of such philosophers as Frege and Husserl to undo the “psychologizing” of logic (like Kant’s undoing Hume’s psychologizing of knowledge)1: now, the shortest way I might describe such a book as the Philosophical Investigations is to say that it attempts to undo the psychologizing of psychology, to show the necessity controlling our application of psychological and behavioral categories; even, one could say, show the necessities in human action and passion themselves. And at the same time it seems to turn all of philosophy into psychology—matters of what we call things, how we treat them, what their role is in our lives.

Aesthetic Problems of Modern Philosophy

  • We might add Hegel depsychologized history
  • “de-psychologize” can also be interchanged with “de-sociologize”


  1. i.e. transposed it into a normative key, not just a descriptive matter