A French philosopher (1930-2005).

Philosophers have had this idea that reason is central to talk and thought. But we hardly ever actually reason with each other or argue or infer; look at all the playful things we can do with language.

So Derrida will write an essay where his interpretation of Hegel crucially turns on the fact that his name in French rhymes with ‘eagle’.1 For another essay, what’s really important in interpreting it is how wide the margins were in the first edition of it.

One of the things he’s trying to do is de-center us from thinking

  • “What does this signify”
  • “What is the rational meaning of this?”
  • “What is the inferential role of this?”
  • “What does it stand for?”

He is de-prioritizing the game of giving and asking for reasons, i.e. fighting logocentrism.

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  1. Proverb: He that would pun